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Interview with Joey Zehr!

Make no mistake about it. The Click Five are back again and ready to rumble at rock concert venues across Asia in their first headline tour! The sharp-suited quintets are bursting with energy and testosterone, ready to conquer teenage girl hearts from this part of the world.

The Click Five exploded onto the pop music scene with their 2005 release Greetings From Imrie House,, which entered the Billboard 200 at an impressive #15 - making it the year's highest-charting debut from a new rock band. The band's sophomore album, Modern Minds And Pastimes saw The Click Five return to the scene with yet another high energy album filled with pop/rock gems and newest band member Kyle Patrick, taking the reigns on vocals.

We spoke to The Click Five's whimsical drummer, Joey Zehr to find out more about their forthcoming release of Modern Minds And Pastimes - Tour Edition, the band's preferred superpowers, behind-the-scenes foolishness and much more!


What can the audience expect with the upcoming Asian leg of the world tour?

Well, for those who've seen us on our previous tour and seen the good times we like to have on stage, they can come back for that and more. And for those who haven't seen us, they need to know that we put on a rock show!! There's just so much energy and we have such a good time. They can expect to hear some good tunes and just have fun with us.

Is there some sort of ritual you boys do before hitting the stage?

Um, not really I mean, we tend to basically just psyche each other up. It really varies, sometimes it can be boring and it's just a matter of psyching each other up by saying we got to go on stage. You know, like really being in total party mode before the show starts. But when we rock on stage, we always snap into it immediately. It's what we do, it's what we're good at. To us, it doesn't matter what we do before or after, as long as we're on stage and we do our best.

Which Asian country can't you wait to go to?

Well, this coming trip we're going to go to Hong Kong which is a first for us. And that's what I'm most looking forward to coz I haven't been there yet. And I think Singapore has kind of become our home away from home in Asia. We've been there so many times and I'm really excited to come back to Singapore.

Would you then ever consider dating an Asian girl?

Would I? Sure, yeah! Asian girls are hot.

What if a male fan has a huge major crush on you and he confesses, what would you do or say to him?

[Laughs] Well I think that a good ole' fashioned bro-hug would be in order.

What does the term "Modern Minds and Pastimes" mean to you?

I think that on this record, we've been listening to music all our lives and we've really dedicated ourselves to the craft and in doing that I think we've all really grown a strong appreciation for all the different decades of music. Especially on this record we wanted to build on what we did on the first record. We wanted to bring in our different influences from the decades and so naming it, it's referring to the fact that we're modern rock and roll musicians but we also really try to pay tribute to all of our heroes. So it's kinda a play on words "modern minds and pastimes" - it is a pastime, a hobby, it's what we do and modern minds bringing in some of the influences of the past times.

Speaking of past times, tell me something you've done in the past 24 hours that you shouldn't have?

Well, let's see. Today I didn't shower or brush my teeth till about 7pm. I probably should have cleaned myself up a little earlier but you have to relax you know. [Laughs]

Are there any new albums in the pipeline?

We are re-releasing Modern Minds in Asia as a re-pack with a bunch of new stuff on it. I'm not sure what new audio track is gonna be on it but there are also gonna be a couple of live videos, the whole "band behind the band" series and a bunch of new stuff. Once we get back from Asia, we're gonna look at the third record. There's just no stop to the creative process.

Do you guys get a lot of flak for being a 'pop-rock' band?

Not really, I feel that everyone no matter what their kind of niche is, they love to try different areas and I mean we have our specific areas that we probably like to bring. You're all gonna have your haters and your lovers and we're just gonna try and do what we love and not really care what anyone thinks. I mean we care about what people think, but like if someone wants to be negative we just let them, you know.

If you could go back in time, which artist/band would you want to see "live"?

Of course The Beatles, and also I think Woodstock, The Flamingos..There is just a whole list.

What is your secret weapon to learning about the opposite sex?

Watching Sex and the City. Women are interesting.

What would you not do for a million dollars?

Make out with Ben Romans (Keyboardist - The Click Five).

If your band had a superpower, what would it be and why?

[Ponders for a minute] Our superhero power would be tracking down all the cheap beer discounts in the city and that is only because we love our cheap beer!

When you guys are not on stage and out of your signature "suits" - what do you wear?

In the buff. Actually it depends, either in the buff or in some solid panties. Solid banana panties.

[At this point he shoves a sushi in his mouth. A Maki-sushi to be precise.]

Do you guys go into the recording studio on days none of you need to record just to hang around and disturb the sound engineers?

Yeah we pretty much live there. The studio we record in is like a full blown house. We have a living room, a kitchen, you can hang out in the studio - wherever you want - the floor the ceiling. It's fun when we're in studio because it's like a never ending vacation.

What is the most fun thing you did yesterday?

Hmmm, what did I do yesterday? I dunno... I woke up to a nice sunny California sky and I taught my cat how to say "hi". And I met the president.

Yeah right, and which president is this?

Doesn't matter. But we played checkers and I won. [Chuckles]

Interesting, speaking of which, Obama or Clinton?

I think it's more polarizing than it should be. I think I'm probably Obama. But I'm also probably in the camp of "Either Is Groovy With Me".

And which celebrity do you reckon would make the worst president?

Ben Romans. Naturally.

Let's say you're in hell, and you're really pissed off at someone - where do you tell them to go?

I'd tell them to go to the bathroom after Ben Romans is done.

You really don't like him do you?

[Laughs] I just love to make fun of him!

Do you think your song "Happy Birthday" will go down in time and eventually replace the original "Happy Birthday Song"?

Probably not. Our "Happy Birthday" isn't very positive and I don't think you can beat the current melody of "Happy Birthday". It's a pretty solid song.

Well over here, most of the teenagers play your song now at their birthday parties.

That's cool! A "Happy Birthday" party is good. It's always good. Wow, awesome. I think everyone ought to pay us $5 bucks every time they sing it.

Is there anything you would like to ask of your fans?

I'm really excited to come and hopefully be able to hang out and if possible make sure you check out the re-pack it's kinda cool. If you already got the record, it's still worth getting and if you haven't got the record make sure you go and pick up the re-pack in stores because it's really RE-PACKED with all kinds of awesome RE-PACKING!

Gladys :D