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Kyle Patrick's Update!

Hey I've got this from our new affilate! So credits to them! Thank yous !(: He posted this on the official boards on 10August 2008! Happy reading!


So we're back in Boston now, starting to rehearse and write again this week. We're getting more and more excited as we close in on recording this record. We are feeling so good about the music we're coming up with as a group. It's a beautiful thing. You should all expect the best songs we've put out, and the best performance to date. We're getting better and better as the days go by. Couldn't be happier.

MTV Asia Awards were insane!!! We were blown away by the fans that greeted our band. So nice! We won the "Knockout Award" which was an award voted on by the general public as to which band had the biggest impact on the Asian Youth. Very big honor, and we can't wait to get to more places in Asia and the World. MUSIC!

I've posted my solo dates in September! You can check them out on my myspace. I'm really looking forward to this tour as well. I'm very fortunate to be able to travel around and play songs for you all. It's going to be such an organic tour, and i'm hoping you can come see it. Jesse and I will be holed up in a little sedan for 2 weeks, so we'll need all the company we can get! I'll have t-shirts made up and possibly a little CD with a few songs you may have heard here or there. yay!

Well that's it for now. I'm off to go buy a bicycle! It's my tour reward! Maybe you'll see me riding around...


Oh and and ! Look at this !
Sep 10 - New York - Bitter End - 8pm - $10
Sep 11 - Boston w/NeedToBreathe - 939 Cafe - 8pm - $18/$15(berklee)
Sep 13 - Philadelphia - Milkboy Coffe - 8pm - $10
Sep 14 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's - 7pm - $8
Sep 16 - Vienna, VA w/Chelsea Lee - Jammin' Java - 7:30pm - $10
Sep 21 - Decatur, GA - Eddie's Attic - 6pm - $8
Sep 22 - Athens, GA - Flicker Theater - 8pm - $5
Sep 23 - Nashville, TN - The Basement - 7pm - Free
Sep 26 - Chicago, IL - Uncommon Ground - 11pm - costTBA

Its the tour dates for Kyle Patrick's solo acoustic tour! Check out his Myspace and Friendster as well! We have not linked those yet, but will do so very soon! Buh-bye for now!(: