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MTV Asia Awards 2008!

Hey Guys !
I'm here to update you !(:
The Click Five performed yesterday at the MTV Asia Awards at Genting Highlands ! They were rocking ! According to the previous post , you guys should have known that the won the KNOCKOUT AWARD ! MTV gave this award for the very fist time this year ! And I think they really do deserve it . The crowd was pratically chanting THE CLICK FIVE when they went on stage to collect their award. AMAZYING ! Here is a review from MTV .

The Stars Shine Bright On The MTV Asia Awards Red Carpet
August 02, 2008

"Leona, we love you!"

"Sign my shirt! Sign my shirt!"

Those were just the selected screams heard over the hordes of screaming fans with various homemade signs ("Jared Leto, you are the map of the world!" and "MTV is back!") at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards red carpet. Of course, all of them were just out to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars and get a piece of them, be it photos or autographs to take home as precious keepsake!

The first celebs that graced the red carpet were MTV's very own VJ Utt, Denise, Taya, and Zhu Zhu. It was a huge reception, wholly proof that our VJs are hot entities in the hearts of the fans. Some fans even screamed "I love your dress! Nice shoes!" to the female VJs!

When the hot singing and dancing troupe Pussycat Dolls hit the walkway, all hell broke loose! Chants of "PCD!" and "Nicole!" were heard far and wide. And it didn't help that Korean super boyband, Super Junior, were hot on heels of the sexy ladies. The barricades nearly broke!

Kyle Patrick from The Click Five also whipped the fans up into frenzy when he pointed the microphone at them. Said drummer Joey Zehr: "It's pretty insane here!"

Up next, our very hosts Jared Leto and Karen Mok looked like a golden couple walking down the carpet together. Both of them were snapped up by the press for interviews but they didn't forget to mingle with the fans as well. "It's fantastic and such an honor to be here," said Jared.

And when the fans suddenly burst into the chorus of "Bleeding Love," it's pretty evident who has just walked in! Britain's songtress Leona Lewis definitely wowed the crowd with her long flowing golden tresses and affable personality.

As the red carpet event went on, artists like The Script ("We are really nervous to be here," said Danny O'Donoghue), Electrico, Stefanie Sun, Lee Yu Chun, Nicholas Teo, OneRepublic, Panic At The Disco, Project E.A.R. all sashayed down the red carpet to meet all the fans and the press. Deafening screams, crazed looks, it was definitely part excitement and mostly mayhem!

Of course, other than the celeb factor, the fashion was also the main highlights of the entire red carpet. Male celebs are mainly decked out in suits and for the female, it was dresses galore. For a more in-depth read, check out our male and female fashion analysis below!


Let’s be honest. When it comes to awards show fashion, all eyes are trained on the ladies. The guys on the 2008 MTV Asia Awards red carpet though proved to be worthy contenders with their female counterparts.

It could’ve been caused by the chilly weather up at Genting Highlands but the biggest trend among the guys this year was by far – snazzy fedora hats in all shapes and colors to go with straight-cut suits or casual jeans.

Most of the guys may have taken the safe route of wearing tailored suits in flattering black but what really caught our eye was how they accessorized to make it distinctively their own. Dance crew JabbaWockeeZ traded in their hiphop gear for aviator shades and designer sneakers. Rynan even brought some Oriental flavour by pairing up a traditional Chinese top. Asian stars Nicholas Teo, Super Junior and Leo Ku brought some more old-school style to their suits with wing-tip shoes and bow ties.

Bands OneRepublic, The Script and The Click Five took the stylistically scruffy route by smartening up their skinny jeans, bed-head hairstyle and t-shirts for the red carpet walk with

Who says there’s only one way for a man to dress to kill at an awards show?


Talk about dressing to kill (as I'm sure all women have license to do), nobody does it better than the Pussycat Dolls. Strutting down the red carpet, the Dolls were all smiles, togged out in simple dresses according to a black-and-white theme, and of course, their ubiquitous killer heels.

The host of MAA, Karen Mok sizzled down the red carpet in a white sparkly dress, short, with sparkly skin-coloured stockings, which showed off her leggy assets perfectly.

Leona Lewis turned up in a Sonia Rykiel, flowy black dress, translucently backless, and decorated upwards from the hem with what looked like wisps of clouds in the shape of unicorns. Classy and gorgeous, as ever.

It seems even at a prestigious award ceremony, leggings are not quite as out-of-place as we thought. Singapore's darlings, Stefanie Sun and Electrico strolled down the red carpet together, reminding us all of their eagerly anticipated collaboration. Stefanie was clad in a Burberry olive-green, belted runched dress with leggings. Amanda Ling, keyboardist of Electrico was spunky and chic in a purple-fronted-white-backed color-block sleeveless tunic, also paired with leggings and heels.

The red carpet also received a pleasant surprise in the form of Favourite Artist China nominee, Li Yu Chun. Outfitted in black pants and a white shirt with its shoulders cropped off, coupled with a black vest and silver sneakers, the pixie-cut singer was a picture of androgynous cool and simplicity.

Who can forget MTV's glamorous family of VJs? Denise Keller is a vision in a long, flowery, tiered number, paired with black stilettos, while Taya Rogers is cute and perky decked out in a little black cinched tube dress and heels. VJ Zhu Zhu from China is a fair-skinned, raven-haired beauty in a stunning yellow affair.

Just as the last gorgeous celeb waltzed into the comforts of the Arena of Stars, the fog rolled in setting a perfect closing for an already sizzling red carpet.